Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree

In 2011 I completed my bachelor degree programme in Transcultural Communication.

What is Transcultural Communication? Communication processes across cultural boundaries. This type of intralingual or multilingual communication requires expertise knowledge of speech and cultural diversity in all areas of society.

An expert for Transcultural Communication
… has a very high level of linguistic and cultural competence as well as contrastive (technical) text competence in three working languages,
communicates comprehensibly in different communication situations and for various target groups,
… is sensitive to a specific culture and target group in written and oral communication,
… provides for communication situations in which members of different cultures can make themselves understood.

In March 2014 I finished my master degree in Translation (German, English, Spanish) with distinction.
During my study I was able to acquire professional competence in the area of technical translation, including professional skills in translating technical texts (from the fields of business, law, science and technology etc.) and knowledge in areas such as translation technologies, localisation, terminology management and technical writing. Furthermore, I developed advanced scientific competence in the analysis of translational processes and methods. In my master’s thesis I compared the terminology of the Austrian Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education with the terminology of comparable laws in Sweden and Spain.

For my doctor’s thesis which I finished in 2020 I investigated the terminology of the English translations of the legal texts in the field of Austrian higher education and described the translation processes, hoping to raise awareness for the importance of and thus contributing to a more consistent use of terminology in these texts.

Lifelong Learning and Further Education

To deepen my legal knowledge, I also visited selected courses at the faculty of law in Vienna.

As a professional translator I consider further education and a constant improvement of my skills a must. I enjoy deepening my knowledge of the disciplines I work in, I visit conferences and seminars in relevant fields and also like to look into new fields.

Over the past few years I have expanded my skills and completed training courses and workshops in the field of graphic and editorial design.  Furthermore, I have learnt to appreciate how important it is to protect your own and other peoples’ data and will be giving workshops as a trainer for digital self-defence with